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What is Go Baby Go?

Go Baby Go is a diaper bank located in Sumter County that provides diapers to lower-income families that live in Sumter County.

How many diapers can I get?

Families are given 50 diapers or 30 training pants per month.

How often can I receive diapers?

Diapers are distributed once a month, on the first Saturday of the month between 10 am and 1 pm. Families may only receive diapers once a month.

How old must my child be to receive diapers?

We provide diapers to babies ages 0-3 years of age.

Do you provide cloth diapers?

No, we do not provide cloth diapers.

How do I get diapers?

Fill out our application to see if you qualify for the Go Baby Go Diaper Program.

How can I donate diapers?

We have various ways you can support through diaper donation check out the Get Involved page to see which way would be most beneficial to you.

Do you accept opened diapers?

Yes, we accept opened unused diapers. Please fill out the contact form and someone will get in touch with you!

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